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Housed in the 18th century family mansion, Royal Gems and Arts is the fusion of ten generations of the Choudhary family’s love for art, history and heritage. With a rich legacy extending over three centuries in the city of Jaipur as bankers and jewellers to many of the royalties in India and generations of handling, caressing and passing over timeless stones and creating traditional and contemporary designs, the house has earned the appreciation of connoisseurs of fine jewellery and art lovers from around the world.
Santi Choudhary

With refined knowledge and skills passed on from generation to generation, Santi Choudhary, the present custodian running in the ninth generation of the family, decided to cater to markets beyond India and began to travel to Europe in the seventies to hold exclusive exhibitions of his creations. Today, he runs his business with his wife Shobha and his son Krishna. In his creations, he tries to keep the old  Indian - particularly Mughal, jewellery tradition alive, while introducing a touch of the contemporary with the best of European styling.

As a true connoisseur of stones, jewels and Indian arts, Santi is active as a patron of art and cultural activities across the world and several pieces from his superlative collection have been featured in exhibitions in London and Venice.

Santi Choudhary
Saras Sadan The Haveli
A treasure trove in the heart of Jaipur

Saras Sadan Haveli, the mansion located in the old city of Jaipur houses Royal Gems and Arts, the Haveli has one of the most opulent and well preserved original 18th century fresco interiors in the country.

Preserving the Family Heritage

The beauty of the Haveli offers eye-catching, colourful glimpses of untouched and well-preserved medieval Rajput inspired paintings in the form of intricate frescoes on the walls and ceilings, which are some of the best examples of the art form in the country. In its colonnaded sanctum along with a vivid array of the glittering gems, jewels and arts, it is like a small museum that takes one back in time. The collections and jewels give an alluring picture of the heritage of the Choudhary family. The Haveli is a treasure-chest for gems and jewellery collectors as well as a pilgrimage centre for scholars and art historians from all over the world.

An Amalgamation of Living History, Heritage and Art

A conducted tour of the Haveli is like a trip down the corridors of history where the architecture and wall paintings express the creative impulse in embellishing facades dating back to late 18th and early 19th century.

Intricately decorative frescoes have been beautifully preserved through the circulation of air and light from the carved sandstone grills which surround the windows in the Diwan-I-Khas (Central Hall). An exquisite blend of religion, history, romance, poetry, music, mythology and heroic events are presented on the walls and ceiling of the Haveli.


A Miniature portrait sketch of the Choudhary family ancestor, Jagirdar Choudhary Kushal Singh JI, Mid-18th century

The Choudharys of Dausa Nizamat

The Choudharys had been close mercantile allies of the Kachhwaha dynasty for several centuries and can trace their association with the Rajput clan from Dausa to Amer, and thence to Jaipur. The Choudhary family was one of the earliest business families of prominence who settled down in the city of Jaipur in 1727 when Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh laid its foundation.

A miniature portrait sketch of the Choudhary family ancestor,
Jagirdar Choudhary Kushal Singh JI,
Mid-18th century

Ties with the Royal Court

On the occasion of laying the foundation of the new capital, under Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Choudhary Kushal Singh, the family patriarch, was bestowed a grant to initiate his setup in the new city of Jaipur and establish businesses with the Royal House. He was conferred a Jagiri (estate) of eleven villages around the city, the responsibilities included the collection of revenue and taxes and maintaining law and order in these villages, hence making him an important member of the Royal Court of Jaipur.

Parwana khas Muhar

An original historical document dated 1726 with the royal seal of Jaipur issued by His Highness Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh Ji of Jaipur shows the granting of approval for Choudhary Kushal Singh Ji to establish his business with the Hazuri (the Royal House) and initiate a setup in Jaipur.

Bankers, Landlords and Jewellers

As bankers and money-lenders to the ruling elite, the Choudharys (now adopting their given title as a family name) were granted the privilege of minting coins in the state’s name. The family built up a spectacular collection of art treasures over almost three centuries. Over the years, they continued, also, to manage a flourishing jewellery business drawing upon their patronage of Jaipur’s famed lapidaries, goldsmiths and enamellers.

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